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Are you listening to moe.RADIO in the full quality available to you?

moe.RADIO is one of a limited number of stations on Live365 broadcasting in mp3PRO, and one of a smaller number using the highest level available -- CD Quality 64K. But unless you are using the proper software, what you are hearing is a below average mp3.

What is mp3PRO?

To stream a radio program over the internet requires a more highly compressed mp3 file than you would normally be listening to from your computer or mp3 player. To achieve this compression the higher frequencies are removed and only what remains is compressed, resulting in a somewhat muddy sound. mp3PRO is an enhancement to mp3 technology that addresses these lost higher frequencies while retaining compatability with the mp3 format. An mp3 player ignores the extra information in the PRO portion of the file so it will still play. But some of the bandwidth that would be used for standard mp3 is given up to the mp3PRO coding which results in a slight degradation of sound with a standard player.

Live365 and mp3PRO

After encouraging broadcasters to re-encode their tracks to mp3PRO, LIVE365 made the decision to use the sound enhancement as a marketing strategy to promote the Preferred Member program. This is the ad-free program that they heavily advertise during broadcasts. They have released an updated player which supports mp3PRO, but it is available only to Preferred Members for the forseeable future. This may encourage you to sign up for ad-free Preferred Membership at a monthly fee, and if you'd like to go that route you can do so by pressing the green button above.

mp3PRO and Winamp

But mp3PRO is also available to you at no charge if you use or switch to the Winamp player. There is an mp3PRO plug-in for Winamp version 2. You must be using version 2 and not 3, but it is possible to install both versions of Winamp on your computer if you prefer version 3 for other uses. You can get that plug-in from Coding Technologies. If you need to change your player from the Live365 player to Winamp, rerun the Listening Wizard at Live365.

A better listening experience with mp3PRO

If you have any difficulty in getting mp3PRO to work or have other questions, email us. With a supported mp3PRO player you should hear sound that is closer to CD quality. Remember, our tracks are recorded live and under varying conditions so sound quality will change from one track to the next.